My Service

I will develop creative exercise programmes based on the specific needs and goals that are unique to each individual. Key motivations, attitudes towards physical activity and exercise preferences will all be taken into consideration to ensure that clients feel comfortable, safe and well supported.

If you’ve been exercising for a long time, you may very well be able to continue on with your routine, however, you might need to make some modifications during your treatments.  If you are new to exercise, we will start out slowly and gradually build-up your programme.

The first step will be to review your medical history and create an understanding of how you have been affected by cancer and/or subsequent treatments. Each programme will be comprised of a combination of strength, flexibility, balance and cardiovascular components, always based upon each individual client’s needs and physical limitations at the time.

Together we can then formulate your programme using the FITT principles.

Frequency: How often you should exercise
Intensity: How hard you should exercise
Time: How long you should exercise
Type: What type of exercise you should do

Rates for home visits up until December 2012:

Hour: £60.00
Half hour: £30.00

Additional travel costs will be discussed with each individual client depending upon their location.