Be active against cancer

In 2011 Macmillan unveiled physical activity as the ‘hidden wonder-drug’. I have developed CanExercise to bring this knowledge direct to those living with cancer. I work with cancer survivors to improve or maintain their functional fitness. Together we develop a safe, individually tailored and effective Cancer Exercise Programme. Working with cancer survivors at all stages of their diagnosis, we celebrate the fact that we ‘Can Exercise’ to be active against cancer.

Evidence is now growing to support the role of physical activity, both during and after cancer treatment. Through keeping active you can preserve or improve physical function and psychological well being. It has also been proven that exercise can reduce the negative impact of some cancer-related side effects. Compelling research data also suggests that regular physical activity can reduce the risk of cancer recurrence, increasing longevity. Irrespective of your background, fitness level or experience – you can make exercise part of your recovery. It’s your body, your health and your life that you are fighting for. Be active against cancer!

Lizzy Davis